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Scabiosa - Fama White

Scabiosa - Fama White

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One of my favorite flowers to put in bouquets, Scabiosa plays double duty in the garden. I like to use it for not only for its large whimsical flowers but also the pods. When flowers are left on the plant a fun pod forms that adds texture and a little something different to bouquets and arrangements.

Planting: Start your seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before your last frost date. Surface sow seeds barely covering them with a fine sprinkling of vermiculite. Plant out after the danger of frost has passed. 100-140 days to maturity.

Harvesting: Stems can be harvested at 3 different stages depending on what your needs are. Immature flowers can be cut just as a bit of color is starting to show. Mature flowers can be harvested when in full bloom or if you want the pods let the petals fall.

50 seeds per packet

Perennial, requiring full sun

Spacing: 9” - 12”

Height: 24” - 30”

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