Dahlia Tuber Sale Policy

2024 Tuber Shop Policies: 

Please read our Tuber Shop Policies in full prior to shopping our sale! Failure to adhere to the shop policies may result in a canceled order- so please be familiar before you shop.

Our 2024 Dahlia Tuber sale will be on Saturday, March 23rd at 9am PST. This will be our only online tuber sale for the 2024 year, and the website will not be restocked. 

EMAIL: We will be sending out an email prior to the sale, when it opens, and after the sale. Newsletter subscribers will be the first to know about tuber sale updates, varieties, etc. If you would like to receive these emails, sign up for our newsletter and make sure that info@thefarmhouseflowerfarm.com and thefarmhouseflowerfarm@gmail.com are both in your preferred senders list. If not favorited, emails may end up in your spam folder. We are not responsible for emails that do not end up in your inbox due to spam. 

INVENTORY: Inventory will show as “Sold Out” until the sale. Inventory will be taken down from the site at 12pm on March 22nd prior to the sale, and will reload at the time of the sale. You will not need a password to shop the sale. 

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are grateful for your support, and want you to be happy with your order. We guarantee that our tubers are true to variety and will arrive with at least one viable eye. Our tubers are stored in a quality controlled environment. Just like people, some may take longer to wake up! Some eyes may be sprouted already, and some may need a little bit more time to wake up from their winter slumber. Upon receiving your order please open and inspect your tubers immediately and report any concerns via email to: info@thefarmhouseflowerfarm.com within 7 days. If you have any concerns, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to make it right. We cannot be held responsible for improper storage, weather, growing conditions, pest damage, plant performance, or negligence. 

SHIPPING: Dahlia tubers will be shipped via USPS priority mail to the United States only; this includes Alaska and Hawaii. Tubers will ship between early and mid April once freezing temperatures are clear of the forecast. We cannot fulfill early shipping requests. You will receive a notification once the order ships with a tracking number. We are unable to guarantee an arrival time due to USPS delays. The cost of shipping is outlined below: 

1-2 tubers: $12.00

3-15 tubers: $17.00

16-40 tubers: $23.00

40+ tubers: $45.00


To pick up your order here at the farm please choose the pickup option at checkout. Farm pickup will be available April 13th from 10am-3pm ONLY here at The Farmhouse Flower Farm in Stanwood, WA. Our address will be included as part of your confirmation email. Shipping charges will be refunded at the time your order is picked up. 

CART: An item placed in your cart does not mean that item is reserved. Your order is only confirmed once you checkout and receive an order confirmation number and email. Please be aware that if you are trying to purchase many different varieties some may sell out before you are able to checkout. We understand the frustration of missing out on a variety that you were hoping to purchase. We appreciate your understanding and compassion even through frustration. Ultimately, we are a small family business doing the best with the stock that we have.

LIMITS PER HOUSEHOLD: We are limiting the purchase of some of the very highly sought after varieties. This is in order to give the opportunity to grow these special varieties to as many growers as we can. Please be honest and fair, in respecting this policy. Any orders above the indicated limit or multiples to the same household will be fully canceled, resulting in a loss of the order in its entirety.

COMBINING ORDERS:  We are not able to combine orders at this time. This is due to the volume of orders that we receive, and ensuring that we are able to ship out all orders in a timely manner. 

PAYMENT: We accept most major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Shop Pay. For quick checkout here are our best tips:

  • Have your card information saved on your device so that your card details are auto filled at checkout rather than having to type it in.
  • If you have Apple Pay, this might be a quick option to do on a mobile device. 
  • Shop Pay can be a quick option, however be aware that you may be prompted to enter a code at checkout which you will receive via SMS. 

DAHLIA VIRUS: According to the American Dahlia Society's virus research, an average of 87% of healthy, asymptomatic dahlia plants carry at least one dormant virus. Unfortunately, it is a common thing in the dahlia world, and we do our best to keep our plants healthy and virus free. On our farm, we are vigilant about examining plants for viruses and culling any that look diseased. Tools are cleaned and sanitized between cuts and during the dividing process. Additionally, we do not open our fields for outside harvesting. We are also inspected twice a year by the WA State Department of Agriculture to ensure that our stock stays as clean as possible. However, be advised that we do not test every plant for viruses. Because of this, we cannot guarantee for 100% certainty that there is no dormant virus within tubers. Buyers buy at their own risk knowing and understanding this information. We do not guarantee a refund for plants displaying viruses, but will handle grievances on a case by case basis. Please also be advised that unless a plant has been officially tested, there are many outside factors that contribute to virus-like symptoms such as stunted growth, curled leaves, spots, and discoloration. 

LIMIT OF LIABILITY: As mentioned above, the buyer assumes all risk when buying tubers. Once the tuber is past the 7 day mark and/or placed in the ground, The Farmhouse Flower Farm can not be held responsible for outside factors that contribute to the health and vigor of the plant. Refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and will not exceed the cost of the tubers themselves. The Farmhouse Flower Farm is not required to issue a refund, and is not liable for any monetary value beyond the value of the purchased tubers.

ADDITIONALLY:  We hate to say it, but inevitably every year after our sale, we receive some pretty nasty messages regarding disappointment surrounding the tuber sale. Please know that we have boundaries, and will cancel an order due to disorderly conduct via email, messenger or social media. This includes: disorderly conduct, harassment, threatening communication, profane language and/or using bots to place an order. Ultimately, we are a small family flower farm, and sharing our flowers brings us a lot of joy. Keep in mind, that is it us reading the messages, and we put our hearts into every aspect of our sale. Please be kind even in times of disappointment.