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Nigella - Cramer's Plum

Nigella - Cramer's Plum

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One of my favorite flowers to put in bouquets, Nigella plays double duty in the garden. I like to use it for not only the whimsical flowers but also the pods. When flowers are left on the plant a fun pod forms that adds texture and a little something different to bouquets and arrangements.

Planting: Start your seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before your last frost date. 65 days to maturity for flowers, 85 days to maturity for pods.

Harvesting: It is best to harvest during the coolest time of the day. Stems are ready to be cut when a couple flowers bloom on each stem.

50 seeds per packet

Hardy Annual, requiring full sun

Spacing: 9”

Height: 16” - 24”

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