Welcoming Spring on the Farm

Welcoming Spring on the Farm

March is a pivotal month on our farm. It marks the transition from the last days of winter to the promising signs of spring. As we said goodbye to February, a month bustling with activities from seed shipping to sweet pea planning, we found ourselves immersed in the exciting task of dividing and packing dahlias.


The anticipation of our upcoming tuber sale is tangible on the farm! It’s all hands on deck, and the hustle and excitement is seen and felt by everyone. This year in particular holds a special significance as we prepare to introduce our first-ever variety — a milestone that I’ve dreamt of achieving for a long time. I can’t wait to share Marryn’s Mamawo and Popo with you. 

Amidst the craziness of the dahlia sale, March also saw a lot of milestones with my upcoming book. Photos are being finalized, and the title is set. My days are spent outside prepping all the flowers, with every evening writing about them. Even though March is the month of the dahlias, I can’t help but have sweet peas on my mind! We’re growing more than we ever had before - 32,000 seedlings are happily growing and almost reading for transplant into the field.



Post dahlia sale, and I’m blown away by the support and by how many people showed up for us! We offered more dahlia tubers than ever before, and we’re busily preparing for thousands of orders to go out into the world. It’s so exciting to have small pieces of our farm growing in your gardens! As we navigate through this bustling period, I’m encouraged by the joy of anticipation and the beauty of planning. I hope you can embrace the same feelings of anticipation in your own garden. Whether it's relishing the sight of hellebores in bloom, mapping out flower beds, or starting seeds under grow lights, there's a certain magic in the garden prep—a sense of hope and promise that accompanies each carefully laid plan.

May this March be filled with the anticipation of growth and the promise of a beautiful garden just beginning to unfold.

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