Sowing Seeds of Anticipation

Sowing Seeds of Anticipation


Can you believe we’re already at the end of January? For many, the New Year has come and gone, but if you are a gardener, you know that the year is full of new beginnings. This is just the start of them. I am not one to make New Year's resolutions- our days on the farm are already filled with goals and intentions that we are forever working towards. Instead, I’ve taken the time to sit with a word that describes my feelings going into 2024. The theme of refresh and renewal has been a common theme in these wintery days between the holidays and now. With everything we have going on at the farm this season, it only felt right that our yearly focus would be renewal

The first step in our farm refresh has been our new beautiful branding. Our previous logo has been with us since 2019 and has seen us through so much growth and change. I’ve been feeling for some time now that it didn’t reflect where we were now, and wanted something that felt customized to us and our family experience. Our new logos and colors are just that- something special curated just for us.


January as a whole is a time of refreshment and reflection in the garden. A time when we are tucking in the last of bulbs on the farm in anticipation of ranunculus and anemone blooms which are just around the corner. It is also the time when the first of the sweet peas are being planted in preparation for their spring appearance! Around the farm, our days have been filled with sweet pea school and seed packet filling! And as you're starting the same garden rituals, let me offer you a tip to save you some time.



Did you know that you don’t need to soak your sweet pea seeds to get them started? It’s true! It’s a common misconception that soaking your sweet pea seeds will soften their outer shell and speed up the germination process. In all actuality, it’s the opposite. Soaking seeds lowers the germination rate and has the potential to introduce fungus to your plants. This year- skip it! Make 2024 your best sweet pea year yet (I know that's what we’re doing!).



My thoughts around renewal also bring me closer to our true purpose here at the farm- our focus on family and beautiful, nostalgic flowers. As the farm and community have grown, it is increasingly important to me to keep the spirit of our small-town flower farm tangible to all our visitors- digital or otherwise. This year in 2024, we’ll be bringing you along virtually to the farm throughout all of our seasons; as a source of beauty, inspiration, and togetherness. Monthly on the blog, we’ll be sharing more of our story, and garden inspiration through tips and shared experiences. Just like a garden and its many stages over time, we’re so grateful to have you here to witness our growth. So cheers to 2024, and the beginning of another beautiful season.


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Beautiful! Excited for your renewal, new logo, & sale! :)


congratulations on the new website and logo. Looking forward to your seed sale!

Cheryl Piacentini

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